“In the ring, fighters are more likely to use a direct punch like the cross because it travels faster to the opponent. Using an uppercut can be a risk because it momentarily drops your guard and leaves you open to counterpunches while you wait for the uppercut to land. A proper uppercut punch is a short crisp punch that comes from a deadly angle with a lot of force and can knockout your opponent.”

Enchufada is proud to announce a brand new editorial project called UPPER CUTS. Inspired by the UK soundsystem culture where DJs would press – or ‘cut’ – their own dubplates to be able to play exclusive new material, we inverted that logic and applied it to the Internet Age, by scheduling a free release every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, from a huge range of challenging artists.

10 fresh tracks for free download every six months, from established Enchufada artists and lots of new names, culminating with the release of a compilation which will be available on every major digital store.