Buraka Som Sistema

Tira o Pe

7th May 2012

1. Tira O Pe (Original)
2. Tira O Pe (JWLS Remix)
3. Tira O Pe (Jay Fay Remix)
4. Tira O Pe (Roby Howler Remix)
5. Tira O Pe (Instrumental)
6. Tira O Pe (Acapella)

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Welding together contemporary dance music and traditional Angolan kuduro isn’t easy by any stretch, but Portugese act Buraka Som Sistema actually pull it off with ‘Tira O Pe’, and do it without a hint of arrogance. The framework of ‘Tira O Pe’ is still distinctly kuduro, but the sounds – rich bass, bubblin synthesizers and choppy drums are far more recent. The set of remixers don’t have it so easy, and the fragile rhythms of the original are lost in many of the treatments, that’s not to say they don’t work; far from it, but to work on both levels at once is pretty difficult. The Roby Howler mix probably manages it best, giving the track an almost footwork-like shuffle and retaining the ghosts of the original mix while giving it an extra dancefloor push. Good stuff. – Boomkat review


Press Release

Global ghetto revolutionaries Buraka Som Sistema keep the Komba spirit alive and well with this massive third single Tira o Pé, the hedonistic club anthem that has been inspiring dancefloor riots ever since the album dropped on the night of Halloween. If Buraka’s sophomore album was a celebration of life through a fierce mix of crazy global bass rhythms and vibrating synth work, the new single is where they channel all that energy and aim it straight at the dancefloor. Besides offering Tira o Pé in three different flavors (original, instrumental and acapella), J-WOW, Kalaf, Riot, Conductor and Blaya also enlisted the help of Miami’s own party boy JWLS, who twists the original track into his particular brand of exciting club music, as well as Jay Fay and Roby Howler.