Buraka Som Sistema
3rd December 2012

CD1 From Buraka To The World
01. Intro
02. Buraka Entra!
03. Yah!
04. A Morte Do Sonic
05. Com Respeito
06. Coozi O Mambo
07. Wawaba
08. Sem Makas
09. D…D…D…D…JAY
10. Wawaba (v.1.8)

CD2 Black Diamond
01. Luanda Lisboa
02. Sound Of Kuduro
03. Aqui Para Voces
04. Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)
05. Kurum
06. IC19
08. General
09. New Africas pt.1
10. New Africas pt.2
11. Beef
12. Black Diamond

CD3 Komba
01. Eskeleto (feat. Afrikan Boy)
02. Komba (feat. Kaysha)
03. Voodoo Love (feat. Sara Tavares & Terry Lynn)
04. Tira o pe
05. (We stay) Up All Night (feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor)
06. Hypnotized
07. LOL & POP (feat. Blaya)
08. Vem Curtir (feat. Stereotyp)
09. Candonga
10. Hangover (BaBaBa)
11. Macumba (feat. Mixhell)
12. (Bonus Track) Burakaton (feat. Bomba Estereo)

CD4 R3W1ND: Mambos Raros
01. Voodoo Love (Buraka Revision)
02. Hangover (Caspa Remix)
03. Candonga (Mak & Pastman Remix)
04. Restless (Julio Bashmore Remix)
05. Kizomba (feat. Gregor Salto)
06. (We stay) Up All Night (Botnek Remix)
07. Peaches
08. Aqui para voces (Mastiksoul Remix)
09. Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) [Hot Chip Remix]
10. Tira o Pe (JWLS Remix)


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Press Release

Six years after the release of the prophetic ‘From Buraka To The World’, kuduro kingpins Buraka Som Sistema invite everyone to revisit the discography that made them into one of the most cherished electronic groups around the world. From that first EP that lit up the fuse to the global-ghetto-bass-world-weird music revolution back in 2006, to the global consecration of Angolan kuduro via a group of Lisbon beatmakers in Black Diamond and the evolution of this groundbreaking sound in Komba, the band who made us sweat on dark dancefloors and well-lit arenas will also be showing us fresh remixes and rare tunes, thus creating the definitive Buraka encyclopedia.

This special collector’s edition will be released on November 26th and will include the debut EP From Buraka To The World (2006), the Black Diamond (2008) and Komba (2011) albums, and also the the new R3W1ND – Mambos Raros, a collection of rarities, edits and remixes which includes previously unreleased tunes, new versions of the classic Buraka tracks and brand new remixes by producers such as Julio Bashmore, MastikSoul, Caspa or Hot Chip, effectively turning this deluxe box set into a must-have collector’s item.