Once upon a time there was a music genre called kuduro, a rhythmic virus that was incubated in Luanda’s musiques, inside cheap computers and illegal softwares. It quickly began to spread over the country, contaminating every sector of society, through the internet and the Angolan community inhabiting the suburbs of Lisbon. The Portuguese capital was the second city to show the symptoms of this epidemic. The virus isn’t harmful, quite on the contrary. It brought rhythm and desire to party to a new generation of dance music lovers.

In an attempt to study the virus, the Buraka Som Sistema collective started a series of experiments that initiated an interesting reaction: the virus became stronger, changed its characteristics and expanded into other territories that had formerly seemed immune to it.

The first two paragraphs tell the story – even if in a slightly absurd way – of the origin of the genre that motivated the creation of the Hard Ass Sessions. The project was curated and developed by Enchufada in the shape of EPs and digital

singles, before finally finding its place in the Lux club in Lisbon, where it transformed into a musical residency. In this bimonthly residency we can stay in touch with all the DJs and producers who are moving inside the Hard Ass universe, which was initially a challenge issued to several electronic music producers: to present their own interpretation of the rhythm of the ghettos of Luanda, or in other words, to let themselves be contaminated by the Kuduro virus. The location is perfect to incubate music from around the world.