As we’re gearing up for another edition of the Upper Cuts free download series featuring the Swiss powerhouse Wildlife! in collaboration with dancehall beatsmith Rapha, we thought we should let you guys get better acquainted with their work. Since Wildlife! is currently getting ready to release a brand new concept album called ‘Roxy Reboot’ in April, he just had one of these fiery new tracks premiered at LargeUp/Okayplayer and the results are absolutely stunning. No Future sees the artist responsible for the ‘Hard Ass Sessions Volume III’ track Metazoa collaborate with the Jamaican group Ward 21, turning in an electrified and bass-fueled take on 21st century  dancehall riddims, like few other producers can.

Since these cold days we’re having call for a dose of sunny music, we invite you to hit play on this new Wildlife! track, close your eyes and feel like you’re inside a rave, somewhere on a beach close to Kingston. Trust us, it totally works.