If you’ve been following us closely for the past few years then you should already be familiar with the amazing Swiss producer and DJ Wildlife! When we first heard his production skills in 2009 on Terry Lynn‘s amazing ‘Kingstonlogic’, a special blend of Jamaican dancehall and modern, bass-heavy electronic dance music, his tropical beats have found their way into our iPods and haven’t left since. After falling in love with his music back then, we still haven’t got enough and that’s why the Swiss beatmaker will be the next artist featured on the Upper Cuts series.

To get you in the mood for the tropical rhythms of Mr. Samuel Reinhard that are dropping next Wednesday, check out his amazing track Klouds, a “dubby synth-laden banger” included in Mixpak‘s latest ‘Mixpak Pressure’ compilation, which also features other Enchufada friends like Douster, Bert On Beats and Poirier. Check out the mesmerizing arppegios, sub-bass pressure and straight up funkiness of Klouds and get ready for more tropical-flavored sounds coming next week!

Listen to Mixpak‘s compilation right here, right now.