What would happen if someone was to mix the sounds of baile funk with the new trap scene? Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore as the American DJ Comrade has brought both worlds together on his ‘Favela Trap’ album, where the bass-heavy beats that blend hip-hop and dubstep meet with the world-famous Rio vibe, creating an exciting new hybrid in the process. We highly recommend that you take a listen to this cool record from Xão Productions, which is filled with vocal collaborations from the likes of MC Creu, MC Ialy, MC Doriva or MC Fernandinha, and can be found at the label’s Soundcloud page (as well as embedded below).

It’s no wonder that Man Recordings boss and Hard Ass Session DJ Daniel Haaksman invited DJ Comrade to show off his mixing skills for the latest episode of his LUSO FM radio show, featuring all kinds of crazy sounds that are now the official soundtrack of the afternoon here in the office. Mandatory listening!