If you are among the lucky ones who’ve been able to see the party-starting German duo Schlachthofbronx play live, then you already know that when this Munich crew takes the stage the dancefloor is about to experience some serious turbulence. However, as the authors of the ‘Hard Ass Sessions Volume VI’ track Backup Run are preparing for their upcoming gig at the Canadian festival Igloofest, they’ve recently crafted a new mixtape filled with the kind of tunes they normally wouldn’t use in the club, giving us a whole new perspective on the Schlachthofbronx musical universe.

Expect old-school reggae tunes, hip-hop classics, Miami bass tracks and Pet Shop Boys hits, with a bit of techno and even some truly unexpected bagpipe music thrown in jut for fun, giving us a very weird yet enlightening look into the musical tastes of the German duo.

Ease into your week with this surprising collection of tunes below.