Some of you may already be aware that Italy’s dance music scene has a new bass queen. For those who don’t know the talents of Elisa Bee, let us introduce you this accomplished Milan-based DJ, beatmaker and radio producer, who’s been taking clubs and  stages by storm since 2007, when she first started turning heads with an exciting blend of electro house, uk garage, hip-hop and dubstep beats.

As the story usually goes, after learning how to mix and match these bass-heavy sounds on the turntables, she turned to the studio to begin creating her own interpretation of these sounds that are coming out of the UK underground. And boy, did she learn! After following her Soundcloud page closely for a few months we knew we had to end up working together, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! That will have to wait a little bit more though, but while we’re working on our big surprise, why don’t you check out her tunes on the player below? We’ve got a feeling you’ll like them.