Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and now based in Barcelona, Spain, Luis Garbán (aka Cardopusher) has been blurring lines and crossing boundaries in electronic music as easily as he crosses geographical borders. Defying trends and scenes, this musical juggernaut is a force unto himself, resting on a rich and varied history of musical accomplishments, and the undeniable ability to leave international dancefloors heaving for more. Inspired by labels like Tigerbeat6, Schematic, Planet Mu, Rephlex, and the diverse scene surrounding them in the early 2000s, Garbán decided to start his own productions.

After taking time to develop his unique sound, Cardopusher got signed by legendary French label Peace Off to release his first album “Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations” (2006). Since then, he has toured around the world, playing a range of events from small parties to huge festivals. His work as an audio engineer with long time friend and collaborator Pacheko helped catch the eye of Red Bull Music Academy, who included him in their 2008 Barcelona edition. Cardopusher’s music has been in constant progress, shifting effortlessly between different genres and scenes.

He’s released three full LPs to date, as well as a slew of EPs, tracks, and remixes on labels like DVA Music, Iberian Records, Tigerbeat6, Enchufada, Car Crash Set, and Kode 9’s visionary Hyperdub. Spurred on by these successes, in 2012 Cardo and close friend DJ/producer Nehuen have started a new record label called Classicworks, dedicated to just quality music and soundsystem wreckage. Expect more of the unexpectable.

1. Parris Mitchell Project – Bitches & Money (Dancemania)
2. DVA – Do It (Hyperdub)
3. 5kinAndBone5 – Black Matter (Discobelle)
4. Four Tet – Jupiters (Happa remix) (Text)
5. Cardopusher – Remodel (unreleased)
6. Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex remix) (Hotflush)
7. Skudge – Convolution (Skudge)
8. Maelstrom – Bipolar (BNR Trax)
9. Cardopusher – Faults (unreleased)
10. Drexciya – You Don´t Know (Underground Resistance)
11. Addison Groove – Button Moon (50Weapons)
12. Trevino – Shank (3024)
13. Cardopusher – So What U Want Me To Do (Classicworks)
14. Cardopusher – I Know U Will (Classicworks)
15. #. – Untitled (Frozen Border)
16. Nehuen – Build & Release (unreleased)
17. Dj Trajic – Don´t Sit (Underground Construction)
18. Nick Hook & Vin Sol & Matrixxman – High Volume (forthcoming Classicworks)
19. Trak O Holik – Ya´ll Wanna Play House (Underground Construction)