‘Who Wants Tuki?’ is a comprehensive documentary which tells the fascinating story behind Tuki, one of the most exciting and yet unknown electronic music phenomena in recent years, born and bred in the slums of Caracas, Venezuela, told by the very people who started it all and the ones who are pushing it forward everyday. DJ Baba, DJ Yirvin, Pacheko, Pocz, Buraka Som Sistema or DJ Deville are just some of the producers, DJs and dancers who are featured in the film, bringing to light this amazing scene that has been growing steadily since the beginning of the 2000s.

After the arrival of this cinematic masterclass on Tuki in September 2012, the style’s best and brightest students will put theory into practice in the form of a brand new Enchufada release by Pocz & Pacheko, featuring collaborations from Buraka Som Sistema and DJ Yirvin which is scheduled to drop next November. Anyone and everyone who was ever bitten by the tropical bass bug cannot afford to miss this.