BSS @ SÓNAR – June 2008
“De lo mejorcito del Sónar este año.”
“Fue avasalladora la actuación de los disc-jockeys del Buraka Som Sistema con la crudeza de sus ritmos desnudos.”
These are the words of “El País” after a full weekend from the Portuguese band at the Sónar Festival 2008.
There are some pictures after the jump.


Day 1 – 10 AM, Friday morning. Although nobody slept, everybody was in a good mood. The previous night we had taken hold of the dance floor at Lux and in a wild dance session held together with DJ Diplo, Santa Apolonia became the capital of the peripheral music and those who know us, know we only left the dance floor after sunrise.


The wait! On tour what is always happening is the waiting, for the runners, for some members who fell asleep or were still combing their hair… Still, there wasn’t any tragic delay. Everything’s going on as settled; we were experiencing 15 years of one of the most important festivals in the South of Europe.


Sound check… No comments, there’s nothing glamorous about that. Maybe only 1,2,1,2, feedback on the materials!


DJ Riot and DJ Lil John twisting bass. A wonderful night, for sure.


Pongolove rules… Wegue, Wegue!


Sometimes the stage is a battle field, and Conductor is ready to struggle.


The usual bow… Muchas gracias… There was even blues!


Can I get an encore? Do you want more?
Cookin’ raw with the Buraka boys
So, for one last time, we need y’all to roar
Now, what the hell are you waiting for?
After us, there shall be no more
So, for one last time, Barcelona, make some noise!


The party continued at the dressing-room, Moët & Chandon and lots of Calipso dance…


BSS + Bonde do Role + DJ Yoda – 2008 selection


Laura Taylor (Bonde do Role) has done something that most likely some members will do when the Black Diamond album gets platinum! Really?


Day 3 – It was hard to gather strength to face the third night in the Gaudi’s land, but after a good night sleep, we were ready to another dawn full of musical celebration.