BSS @ ALIVE! – July 2008

Watch the exclusive photos of the BSS concert @ Alive!


Mr. Roberts (Fabric), Mr Hutcheon (Deadly People) and the unforgettable moment.


Another great moment… Pacman & Lil’ John.


Many wonder about the “black diamond” t-shirts that BSS have been wearing during concerts. The t-shirts are the result of the collaboration between BSS and Clone Propaganda. The brand release happened at the same time as the album’s edition “Black Diamond”. By the way, the jacket that Kalaf wears doesn’t belong to the collection.


The concert’s graphics was brought up by Eat Sleep Work Play.


Blaya (MC/dancer) has been joining the group since March. Diamonds too can be caught in Brazil.


The theme “Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)” is still fresh for the audience, but it’s already a big success! Pongolove, the MC, sings it.


For the fans of Funk dance, there’s no need to describe Deize Tigrona. For those who have just now crossed with this woman from Rio, may they know that her hit “Injecção” was on the basis of the “Bucky Done Gun” from M.I.A. “Aqui para vocês” featuring Deize Tigrona is another tune of the line-up of “Black Diamond”.


Lil’ John and Riot put the best of the DJ Set together with the best of a rock concert. These are the underlying principles of a Buraka concert.


“Dialectos de Ternura” was one of the big surprises of BSS for the audience at Alive. Pacman was there too.


What a great night for music at this small yard called Portugal.